New York International Fringe Festival 2012

“Without a doubt, put this show on your top 10 Fringe list and wait to be chilled to the bone.”
– Karen White, Arts and Leisure News – View link

“Poison Apple is a brilliantly paced thriller that leaves the audience guessing until it’s truly surprising ending…”
-John Peacock, Flavorpill, New York

“This psychological thriller paints the complex landscape of the human condition with outstanding empathy, and brutal honesty.”
-Nicholas Linnehan,

“Paul and Jerry are homosexuals and it’s one of the loveliest things about the play just how little of a statement is being made about that fact on stage…It builds a tension that is both sexual and off-center.”
-Jason Rost, Theatre Is Easy

Hollywood International Fringe Festival 2011

“Sexual and thrilling; a Hitchcockian game of cat and mouse with a Grimm twist!”
– Marcus Kaye,

“A growly little spectacle. Masterful. Flowing. Snarling. Snapping. It’s all there. There’s no turning away from it”
– Wenzel Jones, Frontiers Magazine

“An unnerving look at paranoia in the modern urban jungle. Think ‘Midnight Cowboy’ sprinkled with a dash of ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?'”
– Les Spindle, Backstage

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